Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Short-term Iran Stock Market Trend Prediction Using Coupled Hidden Markov Model    M.Sc.    mohammadreza jalili    1400/07/21
2    information-theoretic model predictive control of insulin infusion rate in people with type 1 diabetes    M.Sc.    sahar zadeh birjandi    1400/07/21
3    A New Strategy for Robust Global Stabilization of Nonlinear Systems with Vector Bundle State Space    Ph.D    Seyed Hamed Hashemi    1400/04/16
4    Noise reduction from electromagnetic flowmeter signal with wavelet transform    M.Sc.    ahmad saeedinia    1399/10/25
5    Safe control of the path of a surface vessel using the hazard/threat risk index    Ph.D    sadegh fazel    1399/09/24
6    An improved periodic matrix model for investigating the Allee effect on seasonal behavior of structured populations    M.Sc.    rana abadi    1399/07/23
7    Escape and Conflict Based on Dynamic Game Theory    M.Sc.    javad shapouri moghaddam    1399/06/20
8    Optimized submarine navigation against more than one torpedo    M.Sc.    Mohammad Reza Mohammadi    1399/04/25
9    Design, simulation, construction and control of plasma generator system in 30 kV voltage range and 1 kHz to 20 kHz frequency range and 1 kW power.    M.Sc.    seyed reza heidaryan yazdi    1399/04/11
10    Analysing the attraction region of the biological system and investigating the factors affecting its    M.Sc.    fereshteh moafian    1399/02/03
11    Modeling, simulation and robust control of Dynamic Voltage Restore with Variable Consumer Load and power quality problems    M.Sc.    hossein mirbolouki    1398/07/28
12    Range only measurements target tracking for UAV based on Doppler measurements using Kalman filters.    M.Sc.    mohamad beshkani    1398/07/13
13    complex-valued neural networks in systems identification and control    M.Sc.    hamed rafiei    1398/06/31
14    Maneuverable target tracing by measure only bearing with utilizing neural network    M.Sc.    Morteza Jamali Shad    1398/06/28
15    landing gear control system    M.Sc.    mahshid kamali    1398/06/28
16    State Estimation Based Nonlinear Model Predictive Controller under Uncertainty for Car Trajectory Tracking    M.Sc.    Hamed Keshmiri neghab    1397/11/14
17    modeling and control of a firefighter multirotor    M.Sc.    Reza Talebi    1397/11/09
18    Optimal Control of PEM Fuel Cell for the Increasing life Cycle and Input Minimization using Feedback Linearization    M.Sc.    فداکار فداکار    1397/09/26
19    Impact Angle Control Guidance of Projectile    M.Sc.    saeed rajabi    1397/06/31
20    Nonlinear system modeling and evaluation stability of the fast underwater vehicle    Ph.D     - -    1397/06/31
21    Sensor Fault Detection in a Class of Nonlinear Systems Using Modal-Kalman Filter    M.Sc.    Fatemeh Honarmandshazilehei    1397/06/27
22    Designing and Manufacturing Special Sensor, and Impedance Controlling Exoskeleton with EMG signals    M.Sc.    Mohammad Rasool Vaezi Kakhki    1397/06/26
23    Localization of a moving target in 3-D space and tracking it by a quadrotor    M.Sc.    masoud rostami    1397/06/25
24    Development and Analysis of Stability for Special Classes of Systems Described by Fuzzy Differential Equations    Ph.D    David Naseh    1397/04/09
25    Higher Order Sliding Mode Control of Wind Turbines Blade Angle    M.Sc.    Ali alfatlawi    1396/12/21
26    Robust Impedance Control of a Single-Link Flexible Robot Interacting with the Unknown Environment    Ph.D    Ali Fayazi    1396/11/22
27    Sub-Optimal Control of Uncertain Switched System with Linear Nominal Model    Ph.D    maryam baluchzadeh    1396/11/14
28    Stabilization of Fractional Switched Linear Systems with Uncertainty    Ph.D    Gholamreza Bidari    1396/06/30
29    Identification of Switched Linear Systems with unknown Switching and Dynamics    Ph.D    Hadi Keshvari    1396/06/30
30    Extended Moda Kalman Filter for a special case on nonlinear systems    Ph.D    Gholamreza Mohammaddadi    1396/06/30
31    Bearings-Only Target Tracking Using a High-Degree Cubature Kalman Filter    M.Sc.    Mohammad Amin Ahmadpour Kakhk    1396/06/25
32    Solving a class of fuzzy dynamical system and its sub-optimal control    Ph.D    Mehran Mazandarani    1396/04/10
33    State Estimation and Filtering in Stochastic Fractional Order Systems    Ph.D    Seyyed Hamed Torabi    1395/11/21
34    Optimal Control of a Class of Nonlinear Fractional-Order Systems Using Modal Series    Ph.D    Ehsan Mohammadzadeh    1395/08/05
35    Model Predictive Control of the Thermal Dose In Hyperthermia    M.Sc.    rohollah alimirzaee    1395/04/12
36    model predictive continuous stirred tank reactor    M.Sc.    fereshteh fakor kargar    1394/12/09
37    Fault Detection of Wind Turbines Using Neural Network    M.Sc.    Sanaz Fahiminia    1394/11/14
38    speed control of pig in gas pipeline using Model predictive control    M.Sc.    mohsen ranaei    1394/11/11
39    optimal controller design forpiecewise affine systems based on semi-definite programming method    M.Sc.    Majid Akbarian    1394/11/04
40    The optimal location of FACTS devices with non-linear optimization algorithm HS-OBL    M.Sc.    Afsane Ghaderabadi    1394/11/04
41    Block backstepping control of underactuated system of Quadrotor    M.Sc.    zahra sharafkhani    1394/10/20
42    path planning for cruise missile to orthogonal intercept with target    M.Sc.    Ali Verdi    1394/10/13
43    Solving a Class of Nonlinear Regulators by Model Predictive Controls    Ph.D    samaneh sadat sajjadi    1394/07/03
44    dynamic model modofication for gasmetal arc welding (GMAW) process    Ph.D    Ali Reza Doodman Tipi    1393/11/10
45    determination the region of attraction for nonlinear time delay system    M.Sc.    AZADEH EMAMI    1393/11/05
46    Vaccination design for SEIR epidemic model based on model predictive control    M.Sc.    SOUDABEH RAJAEE    1393/11/04
47    Bearings-Only Tracking using a Conditionally Optimal Filter    M.Sc.    Mostafa Malayeri    1393/07/14
48    Real-Time Optimal Observer Trajectory Generation in Bearings-Only Tracking with Sensor and Environmental Constraints    Ph.D    Amir Hossein Nayebi Astaneh    1393/06/31
49    MIMO control of GMAW process    M.Sc.    Alireza Tajafari sahebi    1393/06/30
50    smart home\'s loads and resources commitment in smart grid    M.Sc.    vahid tahani    1392/11/12
51    Sliding Mode Control of Reduced Order 6 - DOF Nonlinear System    M.Sc.    hadi jahanbakhti    1392/11/12
52    Satellite Fault tolerant control design    Ph.D    Danyal Bustan    1392/11/09
53    a novel adaptive sliding mode controller for trajectory control of underwater vehicle    M.Sc.    Zahra Tavanaei Sereshki    1392/10/07
54    leak detection and modeling in gas pipelines    M.Sc.    Mohsen Kardan Barzoki    1392/07/15
55    Chaotic Attitude Control of Multiple Spacecraft using Distributed Predictive Control    M.Sc.    Hossein Karimian    1392/06/30
56    Modeling And Tuning Of Fractional Robust PID Controller By Using QFT For Estimate Fractional Platform Tow degree Freedom    M.Sc.    alireza sharifi afjany    1391/11/15
57    Modelling of a special class of uncertain nonlinear systems in the form of uncetain piecewise affine systems    Ph.D    Najmeh Eghbal    1391/11/06
58    Optimal data transfer based on Kalman filter and its application in balancing cube    M.Sc.    BEHESHTEH Sadeghi Sabzevari    1391/07/09
59    Improvements the performance of particle filtering in navigation system of GPS/INS    M.Sc.    mahtab sharifian    1391/06/30
60    Delay compensation in networked control systems    M.Sc.    Hojjat Hajiabadi    1391/06/30
61    optimal control of a class of nonlinear systems in control-affine form using extended modal series    Ph.D    Amin Jajarmi    1391/04/04
62    Output Feedback Robust Model Predictive Control for constraint linear systems    M.Sc.    farideh cheraghishami    1390/06/30
63    Virions control in HIV patients using Reinforcement Learning and considering the effect of drug dosage    M.Sc.    amin noori    1390/06/30
64    Unscented Kalman Filter (UKF) in synchronization of the integer and fractional chaotic systems with some its application in secure communication    M.Sc.    komeil nosrati    1389/04/07
65    A new approach for approximating solution of the problem finding of fundamental matrix of classic and fuzzy linear time varying systems    M.Sc.    mehran mazandarani    1389/02/14